Watering Tips and Types of Sprinklers

Watering Tips and Types of Sprinklers

Clearly it’s a challenge to keep things alive much less looking good in this heat….the same could apply to me some days!

The Patient Gardener recommends deep watering of your grass. If you have a sprinkler system make sure it is going off on your designated days and set it to go off at night or early morning when it is most beneficial. Grass needs an inch of water per week so set your zones for a single or double pass. Trees, shrubs and flowers will most likely require additional watering. For deep watering of trees and shrubs we recommend either no sprinkler with the water flow on low-medium placed away from the trunk or a fixed sprinkler on very low.

Here’s some great information about sprinklers from The Home Depot:

Fixed, or stationary, sprinklers feature several different designs including rings and “salt shakers.” They cast water in a single pattern over a fixed area. Oscillating sprinklers have a long tube with numerous openings and move back and forth, emitting a fan-shaped waterfall. Impact sprinklers, sometimes called impulse sprinklers, rotate in a circle and squirt out a single jet of water, making a distinctive clicking sound as they do. Rotating sprinklers feature two or more arms and spin to disperse water in a complete circle. Sprinkler hoses lie along the ground and squirt water from tiny holes to cover a long, rectangular area. Traveling sprinklers often look like little tractors and move through your yard in a preset pattern, dragging the hose behind them. Finally, in-ground sprinkler systems are installed into the lawn and pop up at a designated time, usually cycling their way through the yard to provide complete coverage. The chart below summarizes some of the benefits of each type:

Sprinkler Type Benefits Ideal Usage
Fixed Fast and precise watering Water hard-to-reach areas Economical Multiple types Small areas Gardens Landscaping
Impact Wind-resistant Adjustable pattern Less likely to clog Lower water pressure and flow rate Large areas Front lawns Backyards
In-Ground Automatic operation Timers Complete coverage Can be programmed by zones Front, back and sides of house Landscaping Gardens
Oscillating Gentle watering Even coverage Rectangular or square pattern Medium- and large-sized areas Front and backyards Newly seeded areas
Rotating May feature adjustable jets and bases Even distribution Work quickly Medium-sized areas Gardens Front, back and sides of house
Sprinkler Hose Low flow rate Localized watering Long strips of lawn Gardens Landscaping
Traveling Cover a wide area Save time Multiple patterns available Look for automatic shutoff valve Oddly shaped yards Front, back and sides of house Hilly, uneven areas